We offer Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces to global and to regional business owners connect with investors & advisors to sell, to buy or to franchise their business and assets.

Selling of buying your business, assets or seeking funds?

Looking for new business opportunities?

Interested in franchise or grow your brand?

Quality Classification provides Premium-Class SearchMatchWatcher (MW) and Compare Services face demand and supply in accordance market economy logic worldwide 24/7.

ERP of Transactions and Geographic Information System is a totally revolutionary solution for data mining and analytics related business planning and implementation to optimize profits and to minimize costs.

ERP Voice Message includes automated voice notifications and many other ways to use marketplaces and to control transactions-processes with unique voice-system.

Even if your taste is very exquisite, our MatchWatcher (MW) will scan the whole database for you 24/7 – and it will notify you when your ideal match of sushi and Simpsons -loving rocket scientist is found!

How to get Started?

You need to first register to get started. After this you have full access to Marketplaces. You can for example:

You can use the service freely, you only pay commissions of completed transactions!

Please, check the Terms & Conditions for more information.