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Mankind and Earth are at a turning point. Due to the global warming, the natural resources of the Earth are consumed more than is sustainable.

Our goal is to consume less and smarter, to repair faulty devices and to reuse materials.

The maintenance of a clean and healthy environment concerns everyone.

By increasing recycling we can save our beautiful planet.

The European Union aspires to reuse 60 percent of produced waste by 2025 and 65 percent by 2030. Today only 30-35 percent of produced waste is reused in EU.

Global megatrends guide this development in the following key areas: energy, water resource and waste management, mining and construction industries, transport and bioeconomy.

The global warming is one of the greatest challenges encountered by mankind. To overcome it, we must adopt the best means and practices in use and develop new smart solutions. We must hurry if the Paris Agreement goal of keeping the global warming under two degrees celsius is to be achieved. In addition to strong environmental grounds for it, a circular economy also offers business opportunities, creates new jobs and benefits digitalization and environmental-friendly purchases.

Online marketplaces improve resource efficiency of economies, increase transparency, benefit competition and challenge current industry structures. Their share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the western economies is estimated to rise to 25 percent by 2025.

One person’s waste is another person’s raw material. When owners (i.e. sellers) of different waste types find buyers for their waste they earn extra income and save in waste disposal and transportation costs.

Mankind needs recycling marketplaces where face seller and buyer, demand and supply in accordance with market economy logic.

If you are interested in global recycling issues and solutions, don´t hesitate contact us.

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