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What does the service cost?

You only pay for transactions, registration and services of Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces are free.

Do you want to sell or to buy a company?

Make an add and you will succeed.

Dou you need a loan or funding?

Make a bid quote and choose the one that suits you.

Are you looking for franchise opportunities?

Sign in and start the MatchWatcher (MW) service.

Are you interested in offer your services?

Sellers and buyers often need expert services, so take full advantage of the whole new sales channel.

Do you want to save on transaction costs? Take the best fee on the market.
Do you want to know the business opportunites on the market in real time?

Premium class search and MatchWatcher (MW) services deliver real-time notifications to your email in real time.

Do you want to know the latess sales, purchases and bid quotes?

Premium class search and MatchWatcher (MW) services deliver real-time notifications to your email in real time.

Do you want to compete service providers?

Make a bid quote and choose the one that suits you.

What is an archive?

You can find out from your archive offers, deals, inquiries, bid quotes and correspondence by few clicks.

What is Geographic Information System (GIS)?

GIS displays all items, sellers, buyers, bankers, investors, brokers, lawyers and other experts on the map.

What is ERP of Transactons?

It is a totally revolutionary Map Solution for data mining and analytics related business planning and implementation.

What is Voice System?

Voice System includes automated voice notifications and many other ways to use marketplaces and control ERP-transactions with unique Voice System.

Business Plan Preparation?


Sell a Business?

Selling your business is a tedious and time-consuming process and one of the most important decision in your life.You maybe plan to retire from your company, relocate to a new location, move on to new opportunities, or you feel that the company needs a larger backing, selling your business to an interested entrepreneur is the best option.

On our Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces you can reach a large number of registered buyers globally and regional on a confidential basis.

Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces helps you to connect with targeted buyers who can take your business to the next level.

Buying A Business? You maybe buy a business to run it yourself or acquiring one for a strategic advantage.

By buying an existing business is better than starting one: reduced risk, immediate cash flows, established vendor and customer relationships, avoiding time consuming and tedious startup work, and so on.

Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces offer buyers a lot of information concerning the supply of markets before they decide to make the purchase.

It is important for the buyer to know if the business is legitimate, valuation is reasonable, industry is attractive and if there are any other better opportunities.

The best way to answer these questions is by talking to as many businesses as possible as you will be in a better position to evaluate them across industries, brands and geographies.

Invest In A Business?

Businesses can access finance through “equity financing” or “debt financing“.

Equity financing means you give a share of your company for money. Debt financing means that you will pay back the money with a predefined interest amount.

One can raise funds from various other viable sources such as friends, banks, private lenders, individual investors and angel investors.

The investors of Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces are seeking to make strategic investments.

Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces face sellers, buyers, investors, bankers, lawyers, brokers in accordance with market economy logic regionally and globally 24/7.

Franchise Your Business? Find out good and reliable franchise partners to grow your business.

Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces makes this easy by bringing business enthusiasts and investors from different parts of the world under one umbrella.


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