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Digitalization is challenging business structures and old ways of action irreversibly.

Customers want to know the prices and availability of products, services and solutions in real time without extra margin dividers.

There is no investment in stock, but nevertheless production wheels must be in motion to avoid losses.

Traditional vertical networks are not enough to meet the challenges of the future because the horizontal marketplaces are needed.

Marketplaces change industry value chains totally. Design, raw materials and components must be found 24/7. If after the manufacturing process there is a buyer for residues, the waste owner can obtain additional income and save on waste fees and their transportation costs, what a wonderful possibility to improve profitability.

Resource efficiency is also underpinned by the digital business: the most important parts of the service are produced intangibly online and mobile, although services are still consumed in a physical environment.

Marketplaces face seller and buyer, demand and supply in accordance with market economy logic.

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