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Do you know that 50% of the world’s raw materials are used for construction and only 9 % construction wastes are recycled?


In the construction industry, contract schedules are constantly changing due to several factors.

This makes it difficult to implement the “one waste´s is the other`s raw material” philosophy without a construction marketplace where demand and supply time tables could meet each other in real time.

Increasing the recycling rates of building and soil masses can achieve EUR billions of cost savings in economies.

In Finland, for example, raising the recycling rate for construction by 10% would bring about cost savings about EUR 5 billion a year.

Construction Marketplaces Solution

  • New construction and renovation construction
  • Demolition work
  • Construction wastes
  • Surplus and deficit masses
  • Recycling design tools
  • Recycling competition tools

Examples of calculation can be found constructionmarketplaces.com

Other Wastes at recyclingmarketplaces.com

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