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Digitalization has created for business and for national operating models new value chains that challenge traditional business models and enable completely new, globally scalable digital product and service innovations across traditional industry boundaries.

Digital marketplaces are an important part of the platform economy, where data is primarily a new raw material.

Marketplaces are becoming a major competitive factor globally and regionally.

Online marketplaces, so called sharing economic improve resource efficiency of economies, increase transparency, benefit competition and disrupt current economic structures.

Their share of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the western economies is estimated to rise to 25 percentage by 2025.

The GDP of Western market economies will account for more than 60% of services and only about 20% of products.

According to the Ecommerce Foundation report, in 2017, services accounted for 2.64 percent of global GDP in western countries through online marketplaces.

This clearly demonstrates the huge market potential of digital marketplaces.

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