About Marketplaces

On the marketplaces vendors and buyers can make inquiries, bid quotes, offers and deals. Only companies that have a business ID can register for the service.

The main functions of the service are announcements, search, MatchWatcher (MW), automated sales and purchases processes, sales system, payment system and electronic archive.

The operators are the vendors, the buyers and the different types of service providers.

Sales and purchase announcements, as well as other features of the system, can be accessed after logging in to the system and after making your first announcement.

After signing in, you can view all the information on your own folder and, if necessary, make changes to your sales and purchase announcements.

The end date of the sales announcements can resume but not shorten. When a buyer has been found for a sales item, it will be removed from the system.

Once the buyer has accepted the vendor’s stated sales price and the terms of the sale, the announcement will be removed from the system for the duration of the negotiations. If the vendor and the buyer do not transact, then the sales unit will return to the marketplace.

When the deal is done, the service provider will send the transaction fee to the vendor.

After completing the transaction, we send the vendor and buyer information to each other.

For more information on payment systems and transaction fees, see the dealer registration.

We are continuously developing our marketplaces and our prices are valid for the time being without any commitment.

Marketplaces Summary

Recycling Marketplaces (English) – recyclingmarketplaces.com

Recycling Marketplaces include general wastes, industry residues, the most important recycling sectors and waste management.

Recycling Marketplaces (Finnish) – recyclingmarketplaces.fi

Kierrätyksen markkinapaikat sisältävät yleiset jätejakeet, teollisuuden sivuvirrat, tärkeimmät kiertotalouden sektorit ja jätehuollon.

Industrial Marketplaces – industrymarketplaces.com

Industry Marketplaces include industrial subcontracting services, products and industrial components as well as a raw materials exchange.

Global B2B Marketplaces (English) – globalb2b.us

B2B Marketplaces include the most important products, services and solutions in business.

Global B2B Marketplaces (Finnish) – globalb2b.fi

B2B-markkinapaikat sisältävät tärkeimpien toimialojen tuotteet, palvelut ja ratkaisut.

Consumer Marketplaces (English) – consumermarketplaces.net

Consumer Marketplaces include second hand items in everyday life (consumers recycling).

Consumer Marketplaces (Finnish) – kierratysmarkkinat.fi

Kierrätysmarkkioiden markkinapaikat sisältävät second hand – tuotteet eli kuluttajien kiertotalouden.

Freegategory Marketplaces (English) – freecategorymarketplaces.com

Freegategory Marketplaces offers to households tools to race companies in the most important products and services.

Freegategory Marketplaces (Finnish) – kuluttajakilpailuttaa.fi

Kuluttajakilpailuttaa-markkinapaikat tarjoavat kotitalouksille haluamiensa tuotteiden ja palveluiden kilpailutusjärjestelmän.

Agriculturalbyproducts Marketplaces (English) – agriculturalbyproducts.com

Agriculturalbyproducts Marketplaces include agricultural and forestry products, services, timber trade, food, agricultural by-products, forest and food residues and used machinery and equipment.

Agriculturalbyproducts Marketplaces (Finnish) – maataloudensivutuotteet.fi

Maatalouden sivutuotteiden markkinapaikat sisältävät maatalouden sivuvirrat, puu- ja puuaineskaupan, elintarvikkeet, maa- ja metsätalouspalvelut, metsä- ja elintarviketeollisuuden sivuvirrat sekä käytettyjen maa- ja metsäkoneiden kaupan.

Construction Marketplaces (English) – constructionmarketplaces.com

Construction Marketplaces include the most important products and services in new construction, in repair construction, in demolition and in soil construction.

Construction Marketplaces (Finnish) – rakennusmarkkinapaikka.fi

Rakennusmarkkinapaikka sisältää uudis- ja korjausrakentamisen sekä maarakentamisen tärkeimmät tuotteet ja palvelut.

Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces – sellandbuycompany.com

Sell&Buy Company Marketplaces offer to global and to regional business owners connect with investors & advisors to sell, to buy or to franchise their business.

Sell&Buy IT-Solution Marketplaces – sellandbuyitsolution.com

Sell&Buy IT-Solution Marketplaces offer to global and to regional software companies, IT service providers, web and mobile developers and digitalization service companies to sell and to buy products, services and solutions.