Companies that have a business ID can register for the service. Consumers are not able to do that.

The main functions of the service are notifications, search functions, MatchWatcher, sales system, payment system and electronic contract archives.

The operators are the sellers, the buyers and the service providers.

Click “Register” at the top of the page and fill out the registration form. Registered data is sent to manual inspection. The admin of the service has the right not to open the account without justification.

You will receive a confirmation email when your sending email have been verified and activated.

Sales and purchase announcements, as well as other features of the system, can be accessed after you have logged in to the system and after making your first add.

Service providers must register also.


Enter your username and password in the registration form and click “sign in”.

Own Page

From your own pages, you will see registered data that you have saved to your electronic archive.

Target Data of Marketplaces

After logging in, you can view all the information of marketplaces and make changes to your sales and purchase announcements as needed.

The end date of the sales announcements can continue, if necessary, but can`t be shortened. When a buyer has been found for a sales item, it will be removed from the system.

Once the buyer has accepted the seller’s stated sales price and the terms of the sale, the notice will be removed from the system for the duration of the negotiations. If the seller and the buyer do not transact, then the sales unit will return to the marketplace.

View Details

Sellers and buyers can notify their sales and purchases in the service. A potential buyer will find the sales items and he can make a inquire or an offer to the seller.

Price List and Payment

Once the buyer and the seller have agreed the terms of the sale, the service provider will send the transaction fee invoice to the seller. After completing the transaction, we send to the seller and to the buyer information to each other.

The service provider is negotiating with the country partners for cooperation concerning the marketplaces. As the contracts enter into force, transaction fees are made through payment systems of our partners.

The description of our payment system is founded in the announcement sector.

The seller and the buyer can agree on the delivery and payment terms freely between them.

Existing transaction fees can be found in the following table.

Deal Stripe Cost Transaction Fee Total Costs
Euros €, VAT 0%      
European Cards 1,40% + 0,25€ 2,50% 3,90% + 0,25€
Non-European Cards 2,90% + 0,25€ 2,50% 5,40% + 0,25€
SEPA Direct Debit 0,80% + 0,25€ 2,50% 3,30% + 0,25€
Extra Charge
If the transaction is paid in an other currency than the billing currency used, we charge 1%.
Other Terms
Transactions are paid in the Stripe payment system with VAT 0%.
Seller and buyers are obliged to ensure their own VAT registration obligations.
Any tax consequences for the service provider are entirely the responsibility of the originator.

We are continuously developing our marketplaces and our prices are valid for the time being without any commitment.

The service provider reserves the right to change its terms of use at any time. Amended terms of use will become effective immediately after they are published at The amended terms of use do not apply retrospectively to past transactions. By continuing to use the service, the user accepts the amended terms of use.

The Role of the Service Provider

The service provider is not responsible for the quality, safety, legality, or authority of the products, services, and solutions offered by the seller.

The role of the service provider is to offer technical possibilities to make transactions and sales and payments systems for to sellers, buyers and service providers.

By registration with the service you will give up all legally enforceable claims against service provider, its agents and employees that may arise in connection with any transaction, including (but not limited to) any claim relating to the description, offer, payment or non-payment of the sale.

The service provider is not responsible for the inadequate implementation of the obligations of this agreement if the circumstances are beyond the control of the service provider.

We will not be liable to you or any third party for any indirect or other ways damages or losses incurred directly or indirectly, and any information, profits, margins or turnover whether damage or loss is caused by negligence or breach of this agreement or some other reason).

You agree that the service provider is not responsible for any such claim or payment due to a violation of this agreement through your actions or through the account of your service provider.